Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I heard...

While we were traveling a couple of months ago I heard the singer Adele's song Someone Like You for the first time.  It's a heartache song about a love lost.  The remarkable aspect of the song is how it speaks to a feeling of vulnerability and hurt that I think many people feel after a break up.

I have no idea what the actual relationship that inspired the song was like.  I found it hilarious that the guy who broke her heart suggested that he should get credit/royalties for "inspiring" her album.  At any rate after finding out that she wrote the song as a 20 year old (or something like that), it all started to make more sense to me.

I hear the song and I think of the 22 year old me who was feeling that way, and I wish I could tell her, don't fret.  There is a partner, a husband, a life so much better than you could ever imagine waiting for you.  Now all I need to find is the song that speaks to the "who knew life could be this good" feeling.

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