Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year

I think any time is a good time to reflect, but a new year beginning seems an especially good time to think about the year past and the year to come.

I don't remember what my resolutions for last year were.  I may or may not have accomplished some or all of what I intended.  I've written down my resolutions for this year in a safe place that I will hopefully be able to look at and reflect on throughout the year.

I know a couple of things are true though and I'll share those:
1) I am so grateful for my family.  And I hope that gratitude extends beyond words and platitudes into action that demonstrates how much I cherish my partner for life, my children, and all the whole of my family.

2) Excellence doesn't require perfection, it requires planning, practice, effort, a whole long list of things, but definitely not perfection.  So I'm trying to refocus on that...excelling beyond momentary setbacks, stumbles, failures, etc.

Day 1

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


And when I breathe in and out
a new opportunity presents itself
to be the woman I intend to be.
The weight of that realization however
presses down hard on me
as I think about both those things I've left undone
AND the potential of those things yet to be done
if only I had the power within me to do them.

And I still don't know why failure still seems my foe,
as if those who are great only saw success.
How do I move?
How do I disrupt laziness, doubt, and fear?
Where does my strength hide
the moment after the moment
I see possibility.

What is my motivation?