Sunday, October 16, 2011

God IS Good

As I'm sitting in church sometimes, I think:
"well that's one way to interpret it"

Certain things I have a hard time with.  For instance, I'm going to need God, Godself to come and tell me why a y chromosome qualifies men to rule over women in the home, church, or elsewhere.  But that's a subject for another day I suppose.

THIS Sunday, I sat in the pews and I felt like I got what our pastor was saying.  She said its not in God's character to be good.  God IS good.

Every smile on my daughter's face, every cool breeze on a hot day, every person in my life who loves and supports me, every good thing I know or experience is not only because of God, but IS God.

I'm working my way through the gospels now, trying to truly know God's word before I go around questioning it.  There are certain writers that I know it will be hard for me to read (*angry fist wave at Paul*), but I'm trying.  Even in my doubt, I suppose what pushes me forward is the part of me that knows God IS good, in the face of famine, war, hardship, and sadness, God is still and will ever remain the good that somehow reaches us, even in our darkest hour.

Relatedly, every act of goodness and kindness we do, is a reflection of God's presence in us, what better a way to let God's light shine through us, than by doing as much good as we can?

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Lyds said...

How powerful that little is verb Wrapping ones mind around the fact that God IS good makes it easier for unbelievers believe. I am sure that isn't the purpose, but it helps. God IS good...and I see good EVERYDAY. What a blessing.