Friday, September 30, 2011


As I've tried to figure out how I'll balance my desire to be involved in the community with my desire to stay at home with my babes until she starts school, it's occurred to me more and more how important sisterhood is in raising children.  I am privileged enough to have a loving, supportive partner who shares life and parenting with me, but sisterhood still has its place, a place that my husband can't occupy, a space that is constructed by the very essence of what it means to mother.

My women friends whether mothers or not, whether married or not, whether working or not, all help make my path less lonely and less difficult.  It's hard to describe what its like to be a woman.  I am aware that gender identity, like race is socially constructed in many ways, but that doesn't make it less real.  That fact does not render the strength that comes from engaging in sisterhood void.

I've decided to try to be better at sisterhood.  To do my part to support the women I know, especially the mothers, because I know that without the women in my life, I'd be lost.

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