Sunday, April 29, 2012

And I think to myself....

what a

In the midst of struggle,
in the midst of awakening,
in the midst of living,
I think to myself, what a fortunate life.

Grateful for my freedom,
my husband,
my child.

Wrestling with notions of self.
Defining and re-defining

Realizing that no one is going to save me from this life.
The dishes will pile,
the floor go unswept,
weight physical, emotional, and intellectual
not getting lighter, only heavier without

God is though.
Regardless of my belief or unbelief. 
Love is.
In the way my daughter rests her head on my shoulder and pats my arm,
in the enveloping satisfaction of having a husband, a partner
who is best friend, closest confidant, lover, support system,
and so much more.

I say again I think to myself...
be grateful for the opportunity and freedom to consider
what a wonderful life.

I shall not forget the unbreakable bond of sisterhood,
the driving force of a mother's sacrifice,
the layers of love and strife hand painted by each member of my family
on the canvas that is me.

Through self-expression I attempt to engage my own humanity.
While not always meeting my goals,
I am satisfied to record and reflect on me....

and the smile that my startlingly fantastic life inspires in me.