Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've been fragile recently.  If struck at the wrong angle capable of completely shattering.  I feel simultaneously strong and weak.  Often its hard to reflect on my personal struggles because I tend to consider the challenges people much less privileged than me face, which creates further guilt over feeling so challenged when I live such a privileged life.

In relation to this blog, the feeling manifests itself through conflict about what to post.  There are always important events happening in the world from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings happening here in Halifax, to the unrest and threat of interventions in Syria, everyday something worthy of reflection happens, and everyday I'm confronted with emotions and thoughts that have nothing to do with anyone but me.

I struggle with the desire to at once be perceived as thoughtful and insightful, while also being completely honest about the mess that I sometimes am.  Whether my words flow together coherently or not at the moment I'm unsure.  What I am willing to recognize in this moment is that this is my truth and if I'm afraid to share it, then that sort of defeats the purpose of occupying this virtual space.


intellectualkat said...

I simply wanted to let you know, that I hear you! All the way from Chicago, I hear you & miss you. It's great that you have a space to share exactly how you feel and describe what you are going through! Oh by the way, I dedicated one of my paintings to you and Chike and it is called "Lovely People"! It is here on my blog entitled Artistic fetish.

Tina said...

Thanks for your comment, and thanks for listening. "Lovely People" is beautiful, you are such an amazing artist! I've added that blog to my blogroll (hopefully others will see it and appreciate the beauty you create in this world as well).