Friday, March 29, 2013

Ethics of knowledge part 1


I have an ethical quandary of sorts.  I was introduced to a website that offers free ebooks.  Its not a file sharing website.   You don't have to register or download anything if you don't download more than 10 books a day.  All websites have the ability to track your ip address, so its not like you are anonymous, but its also not like there is a single account that all of your activity is stored under (as far as I can tell).

Anywho, I don't feel as troubled downloading popular, wealthy author A's book, but I feel a bit bad downloading academic author B's book, or small author C's book.  It's true for at least 90+% of the titles, I would either just never read the book or get it from the library and maybe read part of it before running out of time or incurring fines and returning the book unfinished.  I would think most authors want their books read, but they also have life expenses like anyone else.

I go back and forth about whether its wrong or right to use the site.  Wrong sometimes, ok other times.  I was young in the file sharing hay day, but now I find myself conflicted.  Knowledge should be as accessible as possible right, but what about quality fiction, what about specialized info that's hard to gather or wildly expensive?

Any authors out there care to weigh in?    

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