Monday, April 1, 2013

My hero

Every night my husband walks our daughter upstairs, brushes her teeth, puts on her pajamas, and makes the first attempt at putting her to bed, most nights its the only one needed.  For this and many more reasons he is my hero, for not complaining, for not making me feel bad for not having the energy, or patience to pitch in most nights.  At times its hard to describe exactly what love is, its tied to so many different things, the smallest acts of kindness and sweetness mean so much.  Walking our daughter upstairs to complete a nightly ritual, even though there are articles to be written, papers to be marked, lectures to be prepared means a lot to me.  Sometimes I forget to say thank you, sometimes my first words when he returns are about a light that didn't get turned off or grabbing something from the kitchen.  I am ever-reminded how precious a life-partner is, can't say I even had the best idea of what to look for in a potential partner when I was young and single, but I am oh so happy to have found my partenaire pour la vie.  

So for putting our sweet baby girl to bed, amid almost nightly tears and resistance, for getting up early, even after going to bed late in the morning, for not giving up the potty training fight, especially since I don't have the patience for it, and for things too many to name that you do everyday, love you are my hero!


Chike said...

I am humbled by all this love, my love. As you know, this came on a night where I received a compliment on my work which left me speechless. Well, reading this has somehow compounded my speechlessness. Know that I see myself as only trying to do my share as you devote days to caring for this wonderful child of ours (while gestating our new joy!). Thank you, Tina, for saying this lovely stuff and please know that Chike Nathan Jelani Jeffers thinks you're the greatest.

Lydia Young said...

I love love love this. What a blessing Tina. And to you Chike - thank you for being SO wonderful to an amazing