Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Because somethings you just can't unsee

And from time to time I miss facebook.  I can't call myself completely disconnected since Chike still has an account that I visit regularly enough.  I obviously don't go as often as I did when I had my own account, but I still visit regularly (daily even depending on when you inquire).  I like seeing articles I might not have seen, but the downside is also seeing other things I wish I could unsee.  Today was one such day.  Since I don't have a personal account anymore, facebook is almost purely a spectator's sport.  And I think it's time I limited my spectating to the photos of newborn babies and the like that Chike finds relevant enough to me to share.


Evelyn said...

yeah I'm basically off facebook although I do technically have an account. I can't say a miss it though, all it did was make me feel bad about my life

Tina said...

Yeah, sometimes I just come across things that remind me of the type of hate and cruelty there is in the world, and I'd rather just take a pass.