Monday, April 8, 2013


And its sometimes hard to share issues I have't come to terms with internally yet, which is why there were four incomplete posts before this one.  I'm committed to writing something tonight because I think its important to document my thoughts as I have them.  So many personal insights get lost, so many thoughts I'd like to share and get feedback on disintegrate before I have a chance to save them.  And I rarely go back to an uncompleted post, despite my best intentions of doing so at the time.

The four themes I had such a hard time articulating:
-the frightening nature of privilege for a working-poor girl turned middle class housewife
-the nobility of selflessness, especially as it relates to motherhood, married life, and community centered work
-good days, finding balance, and the importance of personal time away from home for adults educated in our society
- dual pressures, the joy of motherhood, the joy of work outside the home, and the work of dissecting myth from personal and/or collective truth


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