Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

Inspired by Shanna...a stream of consciousness post....I'm gonna limit it to two minutes...starting now....

Ok, I wrote starting now before the clock actually changed to the minute I wanted to starting writing at and then I felt the need to state that, even though no one would have cared or known that I didn't actually write for exactly two minutes.  I'm a bit distracted by my husband who is talking on the phone, and now I'm having a hard time not editing as I go.  I like punctuation, I think my keyboard instructor Sister Marie (I think) did a very good job of instilling the desire in us to type with our hands on the "right" keys and for some reason the two: typing with your hands on the "right" keys and using appropriate punctuation are tied together in my mind.  It's hard for me to write exactly as I speak.  I'm not sure what my voice sounds like, which is funny because I wanted to write a longer piece on voice, but felt like I didn't have the time.  Although I may include that aspect, wondering what my written voice sounds like on this blog.  If read by different actresses without knowledge of who I actually am, who might others imagine me to be?  Clearly a mother, but what else, who else, of what background, nationality, living where?  I have surpassed my two minutes by three minutes, and I'm not sure I did the exercise properly because I feel like there were one or two things that I thought, but didn't write, that I have now forgotten, but I think stream of consciousness is fun, and I'll certainly do it again.

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Shanti Shanna Lìmon said...

I love this! It's fun to read stream of consciousness. Interesting how we both wondered if we were doing things the "right" way...great post!