Monday, February 20, 2012


And if we see our lives taking place in the reflections of our parent's lives,
played out in actions projected against the still images of who we construct them to be,
then I wonder how our children will see us.

They say when you marry, you don't just marry an individual,
but instead you marry the person complete with all of the people who raised and shaped them.
If true, then maybe the still images contain not just our parents,
but a lineage of people stretching back as far as our family history can take us
(Pictures, within pictures, poses varied, but somehow still the same -
couples and families, at times faking a grin).

How is it that we make sense of the movement of our lives
taking place in an extra vivid dimension.
Moving pictures with sound bouncing off  the glass of frames containing black and white images?

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intellectualkat said...

I really liked reading this post!
It gave me a lot to think about today, and inspired me to paint something, yet again.
I think this reflection that you have posted, perfectly describes why I love still pictures or paintings. The family, friends, and other interactions that the person has encountered has helped that person in some way, to arrive at the spot in which they stand, within the photograph or painting. I really like this post, thanks for sharing!