Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A friend of mine and I challenged ourselves to not eat fast food for 21 days.  Our primary motivation was health reasons, but in these 21 days I think I've gained a lot more from the challenge than I had initially thought I would.  Below is a picture of a meal I made, one night that I really, and I do mean REALLY wanted to order a pizza and call it a day.

Mexican Millet and Sauteed Veggies w/tomato on the side!

Cooking is not one of my favorite activities.  My husband never cooks, and it quite honestly intimidates me to think that I'll have the responsibility of feeding us for the next fifty, sixty, however many years.  The internet is helpful, I got the recipe from here.  

It has been empowering to not rely on overprocessed foods from who knows where.  The summer means an abundance of local vegetables, and staples can be bought in bulk and stored for long periods of time resulting in what turned out to be a fantastic dinner.

I think my next challenge will be a bit shorter.  I'll start with 10 days of no processed food.  Wish me luck!

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E. said...

Tina, I'm really glad to see you trying to clean up your diet. Nutrition is something I've been passionate about for years so it's great to see someone trying to make a positive change. You'll do just fine. After a while you won't even think about it and you won't even consider processed goods to be "food". Just stick to the outside of the grocery store and you'll do fine. Also, you may want to check out Michael Pollan's little "Food Rules" book, it's just a little purse-sized book filled with helpful tips to keep you away from eating anything that comes in a wrapper or a box.

Best of luck,
-- Evelyn