Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sometimes the mirror I search for reassurance seems broken.
I try to piece together a clear image of myself from shards of reassembled glass,
but see only my faults, highlighted by the cracks that existed before I even entered the frame.
Other times it seems perfectly clear, reflecting only those wavelengths of light that 
affirm an inner greatness I aspire for.
Most days though the mirror is actually moving, alive with giggles and screams.
More often than not my shadow, Tina Jr. reminds me of my successes and my failures.
Imitations of tone, expression, attitude.
If only for her I will remember and affirm in myself each day that my humanity is enough.
Perfection is an illusion.
Despite having to learn certain lessons over and over again,
the truth is, being successful, being happy varies by person.
The challenge is figuring out my ever-evolving sense of each.

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