Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reparations on my soul

Gill Scott Heron had me thinking this evening about being Black in North America.  He raises a good question, who will pay reparations on my soul, on the soul of millions of Black people sold into slavery, on the souls of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Black men and women trapped inside the prison industrial complex, on the souls of children lied to, told they are inferior, undereducated and then confronted by hostile job markets, on the souls of every Black person asked to repeatedly prove racism still exists, even as they wake to face it each day.  Who pays the reparations, which can be no less than a healing peace (from what I can tell).  

Jesus through incomprehensible love?

Ourselves through persistent self-love and self-care?

Others through kindness and compassion?


....and if not a healing peace, what are adequate reparations for one's soul?


Lyds said...

Wow. Such a powerful post. I have written and erased several thoughts are all jumbled. Thinking of the past and reflecting on the "progress" of Black people makes me wonder if there will ever be adequate reparations. This seems to be such a subjective goal and one that is meaningful on an individual level - as Black people we are at different levels of conciousness and understanding. So healing will be different for us all...I pray for peace for my people and what, I wish I knew.

Anonymous said...


I'm still carrying some of those voices in my head. For example, today I got in the hot tub at Xsport fitness and every white person vacated. Why did I instantly think of Dorothy Dandridge? -V