Monday, December 12, 2011

Finding my voice

Sometimes I get lost on the way to my voice.  I see it from a short distance off, but as I approach, what was once a battle cry turns to a whisper and I am left standing, perplexed, unsure how to proceed.  I arrive at myself, back from a long journey meant to unveil me to I and I search.  I remember the brilliant mind I thought my own, and I close my eyes, ready to speak, ready to release, set myself free.  Then I awake from the fantasy, just in time to realize that the world has shifted, my voice is now elsewhere.  My opportunity to embrace it, to share it, to encourage it, to be unafraid has passed on from a particular place.  At times when I speak, I'm too careful, too anxious to get my thoughts expressed, too needing of time to think.

I'm looking for my voice, I find it daily, but sometimes not quickly enough (for my tastes).

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