Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The overflow of my heart

Luke 6:45
Good people bring good things out of the good stored up in their heart, and evil people bring evil things out of the evil stored up in their heart. For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Recently I've been feeling challenged to change my attitude and monitor more closely the things that I say, particularly to my husband.  I'm not one to curse or call names, its not the overtly disrespectful stuff that I worry about, more the subtle dismissive stuff.  We have different ways of communicating and thirty years from now I'm sure we'll look back and laugh at how long it took us to get it right, but in the mean time it is my desire to work on being better.  I got a fortune cookie a couple of weeks ago that I thought was cute, it reads:

"Improve yourself.  Practice makes perfect!"

In other news, Aminata and I participated in a march on Sunday to help end violence in Halifax.  I was interviewed and quoted in one of the local newspapers.  http://thechronicleherald.ca/metro/30681-city-march-takes-aim-violence.  In this instance, although not elaborately planned, my words do represent what's in my heart.  I've been fortunate enough to live a life only lightly brushed by violence and as I watch a PBS special on Redefining War to include rape and restructuring peace to include the work of women, I recognize how important it is for us to work to end violence within our local communities and around the world.

I'm not sure how to best use my voice for change.  I do know that I want to start at home with letting my mouth truly speak the overflow of my heart.  I know that I want to be active in the world.  I know that I want to speak.    


E. said...

I feel a similar "desire to speak" and that's a big part of what got me to blogging again... even if no one reads it, I just find myself wanting to express my thoughts in a more public way. My intention is to post every day for a month. I'd appreciate your encouragement. I kind of see us as two little voices on either side of the continent, let's try to keep each other going!

Tina said...

I think everyone's voice is important and I will definitely be there to encourage you! Expect comments soon!