Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy International Women's Day

And daily I try to silence her.
The raging anti-feminist voice inside of me.
She who devalues what I do,
Condemns me for what I don't,
And never has a kind word to say about my work
At home
Or otherwise.

She who questions the very implications of such a label,
Self affixed, despite historical racism,
Despite marginalization,
Despite the potential for future oppression:

I hear her.  Respect her more than I should.
But I know she's wrong. 
I know that my choices, my values, the labels I choose to adorn
Are not accidental, misguided, or improper.

My life is my own,
My love freely distributed.
I know that with each day comes knowing.
Recognition of one's self unlike the day before.

Today I say, 
I am honoured to share in the sisterhood of woman.
May I always act in the love, generosity, and determination 
That sisterhood engulfs and inspires within me.

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