Sunday, March 9, 2014


Me: italicized text  My 3 y/o daughter: regular text

[Describing a small cut on her finger.]

It looks like something you jump on.
A trampoline?
No a jumping thing that you ride on.
A trolley? - you jump on and off of those right???
No, no.
A skateboard, a bicycle?
No, it's like a bicycle.
I don't know babes, I'm sorry.
It's like this *jumps around holding pretend handle bars*
OH, a pogo stick!
YES, YES a pogo stick! *with the biggest most satisfying smile*

Don't know if she's ever even seen a pogo stick.  I hope I never forget that smile, I hope her life is filled with the deep satisfaction and joy of being understood by those she loves.

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Lill said...

This was so you you touching, friend. My goodness, she is so incredibly smart!