Thursday, February 6, 2014


Sometimes I feel unstoppable.
Bound by no one.
At others as fragile as the thinnest layer of ice.
Like an almost frozen ice cube,
Ready to collapse at the smallest bit of pressure.
Sending my insides gushing out.

An ideas woman with no platform,
I wonder.
How to be fearless.
How to chart a productive path
Through dense self-doubt.

What good is a brilliant mind
When trapped in a vortex,
Continuously swirling amid
Self indictment.

I'm learning to give myself a break.
It's not a lesson I'm unaware I need to learn.
Who will stand at the gate and let me know
If I've gone too far,
If I've forsaken too much,
If I've let slowly fall away those I cherish most.

Unwise questions to hinge self-care on I'm sure.
An unbefitting attitude made sensible only in the uncharitable
 Reading of self, I find my ambition struggling to escape.

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