Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heart's Desire

Today was my birthday.  I left a very eventful 31st year behind me.  My life is much different than it was a year ago.  I had many reflections that fell like vegetables into the simmering broth of a good stew, swirling round and round as I contemplated how to get the flavour just right, the depth full and satisfying.

Here's what I arrived at:

My life is full of love.  My goal for forever more is to not forget that, to never let any personal or professional failure hide that from me.  I had been feeling a bit down a while ago and asked family and friends "if you had to describe me to someone, what would you say?"  The responses were what I needed, a reminder that the people who love me think more on the things that are great about me than on the things that are not so great, or at the very least they love me enough to help me remember who I endeavour to be even if I am not always her.  My mother in particular helped me remember that I can be fearless and a fighter.

Good friends are worth their weight in gold.  I am so blessed to have a network of friends old and new, near and far.  I like to be self-efficient, but the truth is I need the varying perspectives and personal traits of all my friends.  Sometimes I'm not as great at nurturing those relationships as I'd like to be. Trust is sacred and good communication skills take practice.  So to all my friends who read this, THANK YOU for your love.

Truth is powerful.  I'm loved.  I have great family, great friends, and great expectations for the year to come.

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