Friday, January 17, 2014

A Younger Me

I was reading through an old blog I had right around the time I graduated from university.  It would be interesting to go back and have a conversation with that young woman.  I find her words and recollections endlessly interesting now, strangely enough I feel sort of detached from her.

Not because I don't find myself experiencing similar emotions, fears, challenges, etc., but because at this point the myopia of youth feels distant, though I'm as sure as I sit here that I will certainly think the same about thirty as I do about 21 or 22.

Though I wasn't sure what my voice was then, I hear a much stronger woman than I recollect.  Still I cringe at much that is written.  It's hard to believe such things once graced the crowded public wall of the internet.

I wonder what I will think of this blog nearly 10 years from now.

To take it back to something that lay buried in my memory until a few short hours ago.  I'll end like I ended posts way back then.

"Still living somewhere over the rainbow"

...though now I find myself still looking over my shoulder for the happiness police for some reason.
...thinking "but for God" at the same time as "but if God why?"(all the pain and suffering?)

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