Wednesday, August 8, 2012


And when imagining who I'd marry, I thought to myself,
Someone I can struggle with.
In new love the sun always shines on the right side of the street.
You never have to worry about droughts.
But in more mature love, togetherness takes on a slightly different luster.
Hard to notice at first, but in time exposing a person in a deeper, more complicated hue.
More complicated to understand, more complicated to describe.
I've learned in marriage to put on my big girl pants,
To consistently, daily strive to be a better human being, even if I fail sometimes.
When you spend as much time around your loved ones as I do you learn.

Learn that its easy to die by 1000 paper cuts.
As already said by many before me, slight slights have power,
The potential (if left unattended) to transform what was once a beautiful tasty morsel of love
into a disgusting, smelly unrecognizable distortion of what used to be savored.

Learn to accept as a precious gift the nagging voice that says RECONCILE,
even in the fury of an argument.
After all you LOVE this person, and they you.
(Even midst being hurt, even amidst hurting.)

Learn to trust, trust him to live up to his vows,
trust yourself to be the friend, confidant, supporter, lover, partner
you looked into his eyes and agreed to be.

There is disappointment and disagreement in all relationships, and yes, struggles too, but there is also indescribable joy, and laughter, and happiness that makes it worth every bit of personal growth that marriage sometimes wrings out of you.

 I love you and am profoundly happy to be your wife, Happy 3rd Anniversary dear!

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Chike said...

I am speechless. Speechless and in love. Thank you dear.