Friday, June 8, 2012

Duty to our daughters

And at 17 we imagine ourselves as women,
fluttering about the world, 
held aloft by wings of potential
and the first taste of being desired.

Sweet and ambitious, we good girls,
weep over our inadequacies, 
and laugh triumphantly among friends 
about our successes.

We save away ourselves from foolish suitors,
whilst longingly pursuing those considered worthy
by newborn eyes.

Eventually we learn,
learn that our mothers, grandmothers,
teachers, and mentors are right.
Being a woman comes with rights
and responsibilities.

It's the miracle of our own humanity
that truly shocks us into womanhood.
Whispers quietly in our ear that
we aren't the first and won't be the last 
to walk barefoot through a field.

Reassures us that to be human
is to lose and find,
and that to be woman
is a gift, full still of potential
and awe.


Chike said...

It's really crazy what a fantastic poet my wife is. I really ought to say more often how proud I am to be a poet's husband.

ashley zartner said...

Tina I love this. Hope you're well!