Thursday, January 21, 2010


Finding my voice is hard sometimes. Whether silenced by culture, community, or self, I lose the gift of bearing witness to my life as it is at this moment from time to time. Only through the uncomfortable practice of confessing my thoughts, dreams, fears, and scars to others do I relearn and regain my ability to exercise my voice. Today I further that practice by committing to sharing my thoughts again through blogging, even if the loud world doesn't hear these silent reflections.

I value love (the love of my husband, the love of my family, the love of God, the love of friends, the love of people who show kindness, whom I'll never really know)

I value marriage and what marriage teaches you about being a better human being

I value education and the door it should open to the world

I value the Bible and other sacred texts that connect us to God

I value life, my own, that of those I love, and that of those I don't know and will never meet

I value perspective and the richness diversity adds to our lives

I value faith and doubt, and the life events and people that make us question both

And lastly I value diaries/journals/blogs because we all have something to say.

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Chike said...

Amazing post, my love.